Seashore Doormat in Malaga


Seashore Doormat in Malaga: Handwoven rug made from fique, a fiber from a plant (similar to agave sisal) that is commonly grown in South America. These doormats have an elastic quality, perfect thickness, and a natural luxurious shine. 

Made by artisans from Santander, Colombia.

Material: 100% Fique
Dimensions: 19"h x 28"w

Care: Wipe clean
Product Origin: Colombia

Rug Care—
We recommend following these tips to ensure the longevity of your rug

+ Fique is a plant fiber that is inherently absorbent. It is also biodegradable, which means that your rug shouldn’t be placed anywhere that's damp or where spills are likely to occur since continuous exposure to the elements can cause excessive wear and mold growth.
+ Avoid constant direct exposure of your rug to sunlight as it may cause fading of the dyes used to color the natural fibers.
+ Loose fibers are common in hand made rugs. Do not pull them by hand. Simply clip them carefully with scissors.
+ Creases should disappear in a week or two. Try reverse rolling.

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